Food For Life Nepal (FFLN) is a non-profit, public charitable trust registered under the Government of Nepal in 2015 AD.

We believe in providing children with the right nutrition to support their education. FFLN’s program is based on the belief that one nutritious meal prepared with compassion and love, the way a mother would prepare a meal for her child, brings thousands of children to school daily.

At present, FFLN is providing free meals to 1700+ children every day and we aim to serve 10,000 children by the end of 2022 AD.

This campaign was introduced sometime in the beginning of August 2019 with an aim to connect food businesses and organization to join our cause hand in hand, meal for a meal.

The real concept of this campaign is to contribute a tiny portion of the amount that we spend in our food while eating at our partner restaurants/cafes/shops so that one can contribute towards the deprived children of community schools to feed them school lunch. We believe that one wholesome meal a day brings thousands of children to school.

The Impacts

On Children:

– Increase enrolment in schools

– Reduce malnutrition

– Academic success

– Reduce ‘Junk Food Culture’.

On the Community:

– Improved knowledge of food and nutrition

– Bringing the community together

– Creating opportunities

Education is also able to instill a new thinking in the mindset of an individual. Individuals are able to analyze and correlate the impact of their current decisions-actions-and the future. This informs them whether to undertake or forgo an action that will have severe repercussions in the future, including actions of a criminal nature. Education is also the backbone of development and children are the pillars of our nation. And we aim to strengthen these pillars by fulfilling their mental and physical requirements – through the ‘Mid-Day Meal’ program. Therefore, this project is crucial in every corner of the nation.

Would you like to support us in this campaign?