The Happy Tummies Campaign

Happy Tummies


This campaign created by Food for Life Nepal aims to eradicate classroom hunger and malnutrition among children of community schools in Nepal. Food for Life Nepal believes that one wholesome meal a day can bring thousands of children to attend school regularly.

 About ‘Happy Tummies’

‘Be the change you want to see’, this is the motto for ‘The Happy Tummies Campaign’ as we go about our lives daily seldom noticing the difficulties that the poor and the needy go through.

A majority of Nepal’s population comprises of the underprivileged or as popularly known as the ‘have-nots’. And even among them, the most vulnerable ones are the children. In early childhood, adequate nutrition can ensure healthy growth, proper organ formation and function, a strong immune system and neurological and cognitive development. Food and nutrition, has increasingly been recognized as a basic pillar for social and economic development. Well nourished children will be adults who can learn new skills, think critically and contribute to their communities. Proper nourishment is especially vital during the early years of a child’s life and it continues to be equally as important in older children as it impacts their learning, behavior and health.

A better life starts with a Happy Tummy

They say that for many, the way to your heart is through your stomach! The reality is that food is a basic necessity for life. Let’s make a promise to feed the children. So what will it take to help these underprivileged children of the society? Re. 1 (One). Yes. That is all it will cost for every individual to make Nepal a much more inclusive society. With this little contribution to our campaign, you can change the lives of many. The cost of one happy tummy a day is Rs. 30 so If one individual contributes only 1 rupees everyday for a month, we’d be able to keep one tummy happy for a day. Remember every time you donate, you can be sure that we will make a tummy happy, a happy child! The more you donate, the more tummies we’ll be able to keep happy.

Please kindly show your support by making a one-time yearly contribution which amounts to only Rs.365 calculated at Re. 1 per day, and share this campaign with your friends, family and team members.

Thank you for helping us keep their tummies happy, it paves the road to a brighter future.

A happy tummy evolves into a happy life.

Get Involved. Make a Difference!

Do you want to make changes in your society?

Do you want to make a change in children’s lives?

And do you want to make a change in yourself?

Wonderful, we have a great opportunity for you to make all these changes and make a meaningful impact in your community. Food for Life Nepal is hosting a new fundraiser Campaign called “The Happy Tummies”. We are looking for some very active and enthusiastic individuals who can volunteer us through this project. We are looking for volunteers of all ages and availability. So here’s your chance to come forward and use all of your great personality and flare to get the word out “The Happy Tummies” Campaign.

You’ll get to meet so many amazing new people, gain invaluable leadership skills, contribute to building friendships that will last a lifetime and help strengthen “Happy Tummies Campaign” in your community.

You can volunteer on this campaign from the comfort of your home. All of you have to do is contact the given number, fill out the necessary documents and get going!!

Why wait? You can be part of something truly wonderful right now. Sign up today!

Remember we can only hold campaigns if people step up and help.

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