A Dream Takes Shape

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”, a Japanese proverb states. The journey of Ashta No Kai began with a simple statistic that an incredible 61% of women in India are illiterate. A chance reading of “May You Be The Mother of A 100 Sons” in 1996 so shocked Founder Armene Modi, then a Professor of English in Tokyo, that she decided to set up a project to increase women’s literacy near her hometown in Pune, India. Thus ‘Ashta No Kai’ (For a Better Tomorrow) was born – to bring hope, strength and a vision of empowerment to marginalized rural women in India. Her dream took roots when many well-wishers and friends in Japan pledged their wholehearted support. Today, Ashta No Kai has five chapters in various regions of Japan. Friends of Ashta No Kai provide local support in India.

Supporting Group for Children in Asia and Africa

“Ashta-No-Kai” has continued financial support to mainly young women’s in-dependency and school girls’ education in the area of Siluru which is outside Pune City, India from 1997.

In March 2011, we recognized that women in the area were ready to keep their daily life by themselves. Therefore we have terminated financial support to India, and after that we are continuing to exchange the information’s between India and us.

After April 2011, we made our new purpose of activities to support children in Asia and Africa. And we have received donation from Ashta-No-Kai India and their Indian supporters, and Indian enterprises as the gratitude for the help from Japanese Ashta-No-Kai. We decided new purpose to use our financial support for children who lost parents during East Japan Earthquake in 2011. Therefore now our income from activities, donation etc. are used for orphans who live in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Pref. In addition from 2013 we started to help children who lost thier parent by AIDS in Uganda. This support is continuing through Nantongo project.

From 2016, we planned to help children in Nepal and this help is done for ‘Food for Life – Nepal’ in the outskirts of Kathmandu in Budhanilkantha Municipality.

Also we continue to sell handmade goods which are made by people who are suffering from big earthquake in Watari Village, Miyagi Pref. Those activities are done at various events and we send all amount sold to the person who made handmade goods directly.

  1. 2012-05-30: We have presented various Indian books to the Library in Ishinomaki. The donation for these is from Indian women in the area we support.
  2. 2012-05-30: Ms. Armene Modi (Founder of Ashta-No-Kai) made lesson about India children, history, culture etc. to 50 pupils at Minato Juniors High School, Ishinomaki.

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