Support from Zonta Club of Kathmandu (Nepal)

On behalf of Food for Life Nepal (FFLN), I thank you and the entire Zonta team for donating hundreds of food relief packages supporting the families in need during the COVID-19 crisis. Special thanks to Mrs. Kamal Keshari Tuladhar (Director of Service), who identified the need and provided immediate support to FFLN. Your generous contribution has been distributed to the needy in coordination with Budhanilkantha Municipality on 31st March 2020.

As communities around the world mobilize to protect their most vulnerable citizens during the crisis, we are working to ensure that our children, families, and communities in Nepal are also able to endure. Many in our community work as day labourers and are no longer earning an income, leaving them unable to buy food and other basic necessities for their family.

In response, our team has shifted focus. We are now committed to providing emergency relief packages of food and ration to the most vulnerable group in need, for as long as the crisis continues.

And, as we are able, we will expand our circle of support to include families living in our communities who are not a part of our regular programs, but are in need of help. You donation has been critical to this effort.

Thank you for the crucial support during this difficult time.

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