30 Student Supporters from Occidental Public School, Anamnagar, Kathmandu visited the children of Shree Naulin Secondary School and Shree Jana Uddhar School to serve the ‘Mid-Day Meals’ during their lunch break as part of their field trip today. They have been contributing to the ‘मेरो ३० रुपैयाँ – My 30 Rupees’ campaign for the underprivileged children to encourage them for their education.

However, the supporters were really happy and excited to be part of the ‘Mid-Day Meal‘ program by serving lunch. As soon as the the bell for the lunch-break rang, all the children came running towards the lunch distribution area and stood in lines waiting for their lunch to be served with big smiles. Some of the supporters said that it was their first time to witness someone so happy just for their lunch… They just couldn’t believe what they saw as they all were from a privileged background but they were able to realize the true value of hunger and the importance of food during this visit.

It was quite a walk from the main road to the school but the supporters did their best and witnessed the ‘Mid-Day Meal’ program conducted by Food for Life Nepal.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Principal of Occidental School, the management, the parents of the supporters and the entire management team for supporting Food for Life Nepal!


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