With the aim to support the daily Mid-Day Meal Program conducted by Food For Life for the under-privileged children, “30 Rupees Challenge” was started on the 7th April 2018, Saturday.

This challenge is for those who claim themselves as challengers! Mainly this challenge is about meeting 30 different people in any given public area within 3 hours and the participants need to collect at least Rs. 30 from each of them. The target location for the challenge will be set by the event coordinator.

“It was a very gloomy morning and as I looked outside, I could see the clouds covering the sky with no sun at sight. One of the participants called me and also asked me, “Will the 30 Rupees Challenge take place today on such a cloudy and gloomy day?” I replied, ” Of Course. The event will take place today at any cost.” And we both hung up. So right after the conversation I asked myself , “Is it possible to conduct the event on such a gloomy day? Will all the participants show up?” So all these questions came to my mind and I sat down in silence. But, in just a while, from deep inside my heart, a voice answered “YES, YOU CAN! IT WILL BE A GREAT DAY!” I really had a very strong desire to conduct this event at any cost, and even though the nature set forth its challenges and made me think a lot, I accepted to do it as it came…” says Ramina Maharjan (Event Coordinator)

So this event was held on the 7th April 2018, Saturday along with the help of 28 youth volunteers who actively participated and gave their valuable time for a good cause at different areas of Lalitpur.

All the volunteers gathered on the premises of YMBA, Lagankhel by 12.30 PM as all of them were preparing for their challenge. All the participants were given ‘Receipt Certificate’ which is actually a creative way to encourage donors by giving a certificate in the form of cash receipts. So, the participants were divided into groups with their assigned leaders and given a specific area for the challenge.

Time was running out and it was almost 1 PM, the time for the challenge to kick-off. Suddenly, the Sun was right above us shining in the center of the blue sky that was not visible earlier. So it was a sign that today would be a great day. Everyone was very excited and at the same time nervous. Some of the participants in the challenge also had Food For Life Nepal tattooed in their faces. And then the challenge started…

Time went by… Everyone were trying their level best, approaching different people or various backgrounds. Two hours had passed by and some had already approached 50 people while some had only made it to 10. A lot of people were very positive towards our cause and some didn’t really respond well. But after 3 hours of hard work, all the volunteers gathered to the same spot where they had gathered in the beginning, YMBA, Lagankhel. Most of them were exhausted and hungry by then..

In the meantime, Food For Life Kitchen Team had prepared a special ‘Khichdi’, ‘Golveda ko Achaar, and ‘Dhungree Papad’ to relieve the hunger of the participants in the challenge. And it was served fresh and hot. Everyone sat down to eat while some were busy counting the money they had raised during the challenge. Most of the volunteers were happy and excited while some were just satisfied but everyone seemed exhausted. Everyone handed over their collection to the respective group leaders and some even shared their experiences with us and their realizations.

Thus, on behalf of Food For Life Nepal, I would like to specially thank all the donors, the dedicated participants and the organizing team for creating an opportunity to make this event a grand success…

Congratulations Everyone! Together We All Can.

30 Rupees Challenge (Phase II) was held on 12 May 2018, Saturday with 70 enthusiastic participants of National Children School of Kanibahal, Lalitpur and Nightingale Higher Secondary School of Kupondole, Lalitpur who donated their time by raising funds to support the Mid-Day meal Program conducted by Food For Life Nepal to provide nutritious meals to the underprivileged children at various government schools and an orphanage home.

It was quite amazing to witness the effort made by these 70 Student Participants. Please support this program to provide food for education.