तस्वीर एक भोजन अनेक is a fundraising event which aims to generate funds for under-privileged children through the means of art. This event focuses on involving selected learner artists to create portrait of interested participants with certain charges.


To help under-privileged children by generating funds to support the “mid-day meal” program conducted by Food for Life – Nepal (FFLN).


  • To promote art and emphasize learner artists.
  • To make a social impact on food and education through FFLN.
  • To generate funds for recent and upcoming events.
  • To mobilize the youth involvement.

Please participate to show your support. Thank you!

For more details on the event that took place on 9th December: Click Here


Date: 12 – DECEMBER – 2017

Subject: Call for Artists

Dear Artists,

If you would like to support through means of art, please register with us in order to participate in the upcoming events for fund-raising. By doing so, you can promote art and support the mid-day meal program via Food For Life Nepal (FFLN).